Currently, R+D business activity is authenticated not only by the products obtained, but also by the projects carried out in these last three years

Since 2010 CONEXIONA has based its growth on its prediction of the development and innovation of our products and services. CONEXIONA relies on a multidisciplinary team of professionals and investigators as well as a stable and innovative infrastructure which, in the last few years, have managed to bring along the business to introduce highly innovative products to the market. The fruit of this innovation has given birth to products such as iPetrol, iHospital, iRetail and S3.
We collaborate with different technological centres such as: GRADIANT, CTC, INIBIC; and with universities for the attainment of different technologies in areas such as health, SMART AGRICULTURE or SMART CITIES.
Our philosophy is based on open innovation: we collaborate with a great number of companies that share innovation objectives. In this way we managed to exponentially improve the benefits obtained in all sorts of ways as well to as increase the number of R+D financed projects for different, autonomous state or European convocations.
  • EHEART: The objective of this project is the investigation, design, implementation and final subsequent analysis, through the use of a technological demonstrator, of operator solutions that combine data with multimedia information, characterised in a prototype system for the improvement of medical assistance.
    Co-financed with FEDERAL funds to the amount of € 151,555.47
    Xunta y Feder
  • TECOOPAGA: Development of technological solutions and new processes in farming for the control and improvement of the sanitary status and well-being in animal production.

    Xunta y Feder


  • S3-S3- RFID and ZIGBEE prototype for stock control