EXIACore. Asterisk Management Software

Management and administration panel from the Asterisk exchange by means of a modern, consumer type, Web Share INTERFACE.
Make decisions automatically and manage calls dynamically and automatically using the relevant information.
Integration from the exchange with other applications such as ERPs, CRMs…, through an open programming interface (web services).
Unlocked modules with open-source code.

Manage your Asterisk in a simple, fast and efficient way


User functions:

Creating on-demand conferences

EXIACore allows users to have access of the organisation of conferences and their administration. The conferences can be personalised and controlled in real-time

Switchboard configuration in real time

EXIACore allows for the real time configuration of the Asterisk switchboard, greatly facilitating the Asterisk-user

Monitoring and transfer of calls between extensions

EXIACore allows for the transfer and monitoring of calls through interaction with the interface. Such transfers can be either to other users of the system or to another phone number

Developer functions:

Web interface based on open-source code.

Next Conexiona will make the web user interface available to the community, under license of unlocked software.

In this section you will find community resources with which you can improve the capabilities and characteristics of the EXIACore online system.

You will be able to implement new functions, design new work environments through EXIACore and adapt it to your needs.

Price of EXIACore for Asterisk*:

EXIACore is licensed based of the number of simultaneous calls carried out by your company (as much external as internal) and the number of end-users of the application. You have the option to incorporate the capability of monitoring and screening calls to your switchboard, as well as the function of saving calls. The product is sold via our partner which can be accessed here.

If you need more information or prices get in contact with us via email: [email protected]


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